Definition of fair catch in English:

fair catch


American Football
  • A catch of a punt in which a player raises a hand and does not advance the ball.

    ‘Not only will the receiving team have no fair catch to depend on; the kicking team may not cross the line of scrimmage until the ball is punted.’
    • ‘On Sunday, Bobby Engram made four fair catches on punts.’
    • ‘During Hall's hot streak, he had one fair catch for every 2.1 punts he returned.’
    • ‘Height will enable the coverage team to get downfield and, hopefully, force a fair catch on punts.’
    • ‘Already we've been advised there will be no such thing as a fair catch on punts, meaning someone is going to get hurt badly.’
    • ‘As I camp under the ball, I must decide among the following: catch and run with the ball; make a fair catch, or let the ball bounce.’
    • ‘Rules will include the outlawing of fair catches, allowing only one foot inbounds for a legal catch, implementing helmet cameras, and reducing halftime to 10 minutes.’
    • ‘There also are no fair catches allowed, and a player is allowed to have only one foot inbounds when making a sideline catch, similar to the college rule.’
    • ‘On punts, they're hanging the ball high, trying to force fair catches, which sometimes produces shorter kicks.’
    • ‘Best of all, he hangs his punts high, increasing the frequency of fair catches.’