Definition of fair-haired in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfer ˈˌhe(ə)rd/ /ˈfɛr ˈˌhɛ(ə)rd/

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  • 1Having light-colored hair.

    ‘Out of it stepped a fair-haired blonde woman with long curly locks and warm smile, she was what one might call beautiful.’
    • ‘Children - some fair-haired with blue eyes reminding us that parts of Syria were occupied by the Crusaders - clamber over the ruins; a few French tourists drink mint tea.’
    • ‘In front of me to my left, and facing me almost full-on but not quite: a handsome, lightly muscular man, fair-haired, quite craggy looking, in an olive green vest, and all on his own.’
    • ‘While Jonze is fair-haired and pencil-thin, affecting a grungy skater-look, the 45-year-old Kaufman has the air of a bookworm.’
    • ‘The pickpocket was described as being white, fair-haired, in his early 20s and was wearing blue jeans, a blue jacket and a baseball cap.’
    • ‘The fair-haired policeman, who had been sitting with a finger under his ear, stroking his chin, said no, he thought that covered everything.’
    • ‘Idris, 76, who grew up in Pontypool in south Wales, is pictured as a fair-haired eight year-old.’
    • ‘She was a fair-haired, quiet young woman and later toured the country, being welcomed by crowds and signing photos.’
    • ‘They're akin to the licence granted the king's fair-haired courtiers in the Middle Ages.’
    • ‘The fair-haired tot cannot walk and has a limited range of movement.’
    • ‘But the most precious thing was the picture record of fair-haired Lydia's first months.’
    • ‘When Ripley was eight years old, she was the fair-haired little girl who played Jemima.’
    • ‘‘Five years ago, about 80 percent of our covers featured fair-haired blue-eyed women, even though they represented a minority,’ Wells said.’
    • ‘He will have noted the height, build, and general appearance of the two men: one was fat, middle-aged, and bald and had a scar over his left eye; the other younger, fair-haired, more athletic, and had a moustache.’
    • ‘‘I am not a philosopher or a thinker, I am just a novelist,’ says the fair-haired, soft-spoken author, firm despite his hesitant English.’
    • ‘Before the glittering store windows pose lovely, fair-haired Creoles of nearly pure Spanish decent, and stunning mestizas with rich auburn hair and glowing cinnamon complexions.’
    • ‘Sitting in Verney's pavilion, he saw, walking on the sea-front, a fair-haired young lady of medium height, wearing a beret; a white Pomeranian dog was running behind her.’
    • ‘On the other hand, there are blue-eyed, fair-haired Arabs in the Levant, presumably descendants of the Crusaders.’
    • ‘What an interesting pair they must have made - Love tall and fair-haired and Barrett quite the opposite, brown-haired and squat.’
    • ‘He was wiry fair-haired, burned by the sun, and about my age.’
    fair-haired, light-haired, golden-haired, tow-headed
  • 2North American (of a person) favorite; cherished.

    ‘the fair-haired boy of American advertising’
    • ‘‘I used to be their fair-haired boy,’ he now says.’
    • ‘Weaver was no longer the fair-haired boy of the city elite.’
    • ‘In a recent interview Kinnie figured that the fix was in with this one, naming Michael Buble as the industry fair-haired boy.’
    • ‘Henry and Co. push the envelope, but by and large, Selig treats them like fair-haired boys, looking the other way when they test the rules.’
    blond, blonde, yellow, yellowish, golden, flaxen, light, light brown, light-coloured, strawberry blonde, tow-coloured, platinum, ash blonde, bleached, bleached-blonde, sun-bleached, peroxide, bottle-blonde