Definition of fairy ring in English:

fairy ring


  • A circular area of grass that is darker in color than the surrounding grass due to the growth of certain fungi. They were popularly believed to have been caused by fairies dancing.

    ‘One of many other theories suggests that the carvings, and Stonehenge itself, represent sacred or ceremonial mushrooms, reminiscent of a fairy ring.’
    • ‘The fairy ring (Champignon Marasmius oreades) appears between July and November and is very difficult to remove.’
    • ‘She spied him in his gray cloak, standing on the hummock in the fairy ring, and ran to him, calling his name.’
    • ‘‘Any stress-related disease such as summer patch, anthracnose, dollar spot, localized dry spot and fairy ring become problems in a dry year,’ said Oatis.’
    • ‘Last year, the Ridge applied no insecticides and only made two fungicide applications to control fairy ring on the greens and only one herbicide application to control a small amount of broadleaf weeds on the tees.’
    • ‘Saprophytic parasitic fungal pathogens like fairy ring survive primarily on dead organic residues found in thatch.’
    • ‘One of the reasons you have fairy ring is because you have thatch.’
    • ‘From Catsbell in Keswick to the Leeds Liverpool Canal walk to the Thorpe Burnsall Moor walk complete with fairy rings, it's a comprehensive walker's guide.’
    • ‘Throughout the film, he follows true believers to fairy rings or the sites of close encounters between human and spirit.’
    • ‘In contrast to the case of the stone circles, the cause of the fairy rings is not yet known.’


fairy ring

/ˈferē ˌriNG/ /ˈfɛri ˌrɪŋ/