Definition of faith-based in English:



  • Affiliated with or based on religion or a religious group.

    ‘a faith-based plan that bilked investors out of millions’
    • ‘Parachurch faith-based poverty programs may well create social ties, and religion may be a base for these ties.’
    • ‘Houses of worship and private faith-based organizations have their own independence and identity.’
    • ‘Congregations and faith-based organizations do provide bonding social capital.’
    • ‘The observation that to the faith-based, everything is based on faith, has been made many times.’
    • ‘Of the other dozen books to his credit as editor, author or coauthor, one was on the role of faith-based organizations.’
    • ‘Now we must bring to the policy debate the experiences and lessons that faith-based organizations have learned.’
    • ‘Whether white or black, salvationists see in faith-based reforms a chance to forward their mission goals.’
    • ‘The evidence shows that most faith-based social services are delivered without strings attached.’
    • ‘Third, voter data suggest that faith-based voting occurs only at the margins of American elections.’
    • ‘Action alerts were sent to tens of thousands of faith-based activists.’
    • ‘Could you trace the faith-based movement back to the work of John Perkins?’
    • ‘The faith-based initiative, alone, is obviously not enough to overcome poverty.’
    • ‘The shopkeepers support faith-based reforms as one promising type of privatization.’
    • ‘What role do faith-based coalitions play in the provision of social services?’
    • ‘Does the shared identity for bonding differ between secular and faith-based programs?’
    • ‘The ethnic and racial diversity achieved by faith-based organizing is striking.’
    • ‘Yet another exciting model of faith-based mental health care is parish nursing.’
    • ‘Like the other writers, Johnson did not always have a plan to write faith-based fiction.’
    • ‘What we need, he says, is a faith-based global leadership, one that will encourage all people of faith to reach out to others.’
    • ‘To put it another way, critics of the faith-based approach may claim that their only issue is with religion.’