Definition of faker in English:



  • 1A person who forges or counterfeits something.

    ‘fakers are clever so be watchful for 'new' furniture made from old parts’
    • ‘The more intelligence we can provide, the greater the chance we have to defeat the fakers who seek to dupe the unsuspecting consumer.’
    • ‘If the industry can't shut down the fakers, he may be right that the company will fail.’
    • ‘We have been having serious issues with the fakers; the danger in this is that these products are substandard and even harmful.’
    • ‘He would pore over works for years and years, and that's an obstacle for fakers and forgers.’
    • ‘The news business has its share of fakers and phonies.’
    • ‘Fakers are an especially big problem for electronic accessories shoppers.’
    • ‘Visitors can view the imitations and get a lesson in how the fakers got away with it.’
    • ‘Look closely enough at a fake and eventually you'll find the faker has either overlooked something.’
    • ‘The company sued the fakers and won, and has since agreed with the duped owners to upgrade their vehicles to the company's standards.’
    • ‘Highend fakers aren't just effecting watchmakers.’
    • ‘Fakers make these pieces for pennies and can sell them for thousands.’
    1. 1.1A person who makes a pretence of something.
      ‘he labelled his opponent a political faker and a moral fraud’
      • ‘Experienced physicians have gotten savvy at spotting fakers.’
      • ‘Many pre-employment tests have been designed as part of the hiring process, to spot fakers.’
      • ‘Matching fashion exercise gear only made me feel like a big faker.’
      • ‘The Internet can spot a faker a mile away.’
      • ‘I wish that soccer would fine those fakers that roll around holding their ankles and then get up and play.’
      • ‘This judgment demonstrated that not all the evidence submitted comprised of bogus claims from fakers, as had been suggested.’
      • ‘There was a propensity of employees to neglect the medical needs of teens, sometimes calling them fakers.’
      • ‘Viewers seem split into two camps—with some predicting a genuine romance and others slamming Ashley as a faker.’
      • ‘You can weed out any fakers in a phone interview.’
      • ‘I know what the faker's real name is.’
      • ‘He warns that food allergy fakers are wreaking havoc on restaurant kitchens.’