Definition of fakery in English:



See fake

‘When you take your laptop to the neighborhood coffee shop you can't help but feeling like a wretched poseur because the very act of taking a laptop to a coffee shop is completely redolent of conspicuous artiness and flat-out fakery.’
  • ‘It's a part of it and to deny that would have been fakery.’
  • ‘A young man and would-be dancer who comes to New York from small-town Ohio and is bewildered by the city's intensity and fakery, and rediscovers his passion in a tragic act of self-destruction.’
  • ‘As much as the reporters snickered about the campaign fakery, and occasionally cracked about it in print, there is no question that they were attracted to the big-campaign symbolism like moths to a lamp.’
  • ‘Finally, digital fakery presents the next important issue, particularly for fine art photographers, collectors, and dealers of fine art photography.’



/ˈfāk(ə)rē/ /ˈfeɪk(ə)ri/