Definition of fall (or drop) into someone's lap in English:

fall (or drop) into someone's lap


  • (of something desirable) be acquired by or happen to someone without any effort being made on their part.

    ‘power falls into his lap’
    • ‘Or a story falls into Clark 's lap and he must not only save the day, but do so in such a way as to make the victims of the evil plot made good by the end of the episode.’
    • ‘It's a failing of me as a journalist that I didn't do some simple things at the very start, when the story was falling into my lap, that would have made this easier, but live and learn.’
    • ‘Having a hit is what Aimee really wants and it fell into my lap.’
    • ‘Well, you know, it was just fell into my lap, really.’
    • ‘So much money, it just fell into my lap all at once.’
    • ‘Nothing I have fell into my lap like a lottery prize. It was hard, lonely work - I hit a lot of dead ends, and I took a lot of wrong turns.’
    • ‘I was looking for a women writer of the past to promote (with a text out of copyright), and this book fell into my lap.’
    • ‘If you're attractive and a good liar, everything goes your way and you never have to do a single thing for it; everything just falls into your lap, people will do anything for you and let you get away with murder.’
    • ‘But because I'm an opportunist, I just take whatever falls into my lap.’
    • ‘The point is that nothing will just fall into your lap.’