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fall behind

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phrasal verb

  • 1Fail to keep up with one's competitors.

    ‘Britain has fallen behind in the space business’
    • ‘If they failed to do so, they risked falling behind their competitors and losing their jobs.’
    • ‘Britain fell behind its major competitors on this measure over a century ago and has steadily slid down the R & D investment charts ever since.’
    • ‘One theme is Britain's growing awareness of falling behind its competitors, particularly in education, where Germany was the model.’
    • ‘Growth is to be found in bottled water, sports drinks and juice, areas where the company is falling behind competitors.’
    • ‘It was experiencing very rapid growth before the moratorium was put in place, but is now in danger of stagnating, and falling behind our overseas competitors.’
    • ‘However, you seem to be falling behind your competitors in China.’
    • ‘Large numbers of international visitors now come for meetings and medical treatment, and that without such services on offer Phuket could fall behind its competitors abroad.’
    • ‘On the virtual battlefield of the business world, organizations that don't adapt to the latest technology quickly fall behind their competitors.’
    • ‘The need to win the GHz race forced the company to fall behind competitors - at least from a marketing standpoint - in a number of areas.’
    • ‘He said the city could fall behind the competition if its festive lights were not up to their usual high standard.’
    • ‘That said, if they burn cash too slowly, they risk falling behind in the competition to innovate, expand and gain market share.’
    • ‘The potential for losing revenue and falling behind the competition is high at this stage of the network life cycle.’
    • ‘It claims that unless something is done now the country risks falling behind in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.’
    • ‘You either out-perform the global leaders, create a competitive niche, or fall behind.’
    • ‘When you fall behind the competition, there's always a temptation to label it unfair.’
    • ‘We all work too hard to get more money in order to compete with each other, because we find falling behind in the social status that only money provides too painful.’
    • ‘Bolton competed well for almost all the first half before falling behind to Diouf's header which the visitors insisted was offside.’
    • ‘Without such careful preparation in the competitive business of megaproject architecture, a company can easily fall behind.’
    • ‘There is fear that European firms that may have to compete in world markets may fall behind technologically or have to merge completely, so as to reduce the risk of collaboration.’
    • ‘And if you don't stay ahead of your competition, you're invariably going to fall behind.’
    1. 1.1Fail to meet a commitment to make a regular payment.
      ‘the number of borrowers falling behind with their mortgage repayments is rising’
      • ‘Council tenants should contact their estate manager immediately if they are falling behind with rent payments as a result of the problems’
      • ‘If you find that you are falling behind with your bills and worried about how to pay your credit debts, follow these tips.’
      • ‘Tenants causing a minor nuisances or falling behind with their rent will be issued with a warning.’
      • ‘The consequences of not paying it are far more serious than falling behind with a credit card bill.’
      • ‘Mr Palmer said the real complaint arose from the application of interest to arrears and charges when the couple fell behind with their payments.’
      • ‘U.S. multinationals get the contracts, and when the poor countries fall behind in payments, take over their economies.’
      • ‘Your bank can help itself to money from your current and savings accounts without your consent if you fall behind with your credit-card payments.’
      • ‘As for private homeowners, he said slashing the interest rate will give relief to people who fall behind in their payments.’
      • ‘The Foundation then fell behind on its debt payments and the bank filed foreclosure papers on the Foundation in December 2001.’
      • ‘When he fell behind on his payments, he was imprisoned in Rochester Castle and fined a further 1,200 marks for false statements and default.’
      • ‘She fell behind on her house payments and had to foreclose.’
      • ‘A recent drop in mortgage delinquencies in the US may be a small blip in an otherwise worrying trend that shows more Americans falling behind on housing payments.’
      • ‘She started falling behind on her payments and one of her creditors, Spiegel, canceled her card.’
      • ‘Hurricane victims who fall behind on their housing payments could face foreclosures on their homes, losing the only remaining asset that many of them have.’
      • ‘And if you fall behind on your payments, you could lose your home.’
      • ‘If you fall behind with your payments, the finance company may terminate the agreement in writing and issue you with a ‘Default Notice’.’
      • ‘In many states, the lender can repossess your car without as much as a telephone call or written notice if you fall behind on one monthly payment.’
      • ‘Lenders will vary in how they handle people who fall behind with their mortgage payments but they are all required to take your circumstances into account and to treat you fairly.’
      • ‘But unsecured loans are preferable as there is less risk of losing your home if you fall behind with payments.’
      • ‘It shows the increase is almost entirely down to people falling behind on credit card and personal loan payments.’
      get into debt, get into arrears, default, be in the red, be late, be overdue
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