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fall through

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phrasal verb

  • Come to nothing; fail.

    ‘the project fell through due to lack of money’
    • ‘There were also two attempts to return the girls to their mother but these fell through when she failed to look after them.’
    • ‘This venture fell through due to difficulties in raising the necessary project financing.’
    • ‘It leads to pages that are part of an older project that fell through.’
    • ‘Since this project ultimately fell through, we have taken it upon ourselves to continue to uphold her memory.’
    • ‘We want to maximise public support for the project and try and avoid a public enquiry, so we don't have a repeat of the disappointment of that project falling through.’
    • ‘The land had been bought by the council for a retail development, and despite the first project there falling through, the council still wants it to be used for shops.’
    • ‘It fears that if immediate steps are not taken, the project may fall through.’
    • ‘When this deal falls through due to a loophole in the contract, Shylock is forced to convert to Christianity as his punishment.’
    • ‘There was a long period of time when he had a lot of projects fall through and had a lot of difficulties getting a project off the ground.’
    • ‘The deal, however, fell through last month after both parties failed to agree on the terms.’
    • ‘Earlier this year he was linked with a possible loan-move to Scarborough but that fell through when Thompson left.’
    • ‘He was supposed to do it twice, but the other conference fell through, or some such thing.’
    • ‘The house in Plumstead Common fell through - someone else liked it first.’
    • ‘The company came close to being bought up by a larger rival last year, but the deal fell through at the eleventh hour.’
    • ‘The couple entered the competition for fun after their attempts to buy a house together fell through earlier in the year.’
    • ‘Originally it was to be sold to a private buyer who wanted to turn it into a houseboat, but the deal fell through.’
    • ‘The deal fell through, the club could not pay back the money, and so the club was pursued under a clause in the loan agreement.’
    • ‘Swindon Town previously had plans to build a new stadium on the Front Garden, but this scheme fell through.’
    • ‘Once the injunction fell through, it was like a weight off my shoulders.’
    • ‘A few years ago, the property was almost sold but the sale fell through at the eleventh hour.’
    fail to meet, fail to reach, fail to live up to
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