Definition of fallacy of composition in English:

fallacy of composition

nounplural noun fallacies of composition

  • The error of assuming that what is true of a member of a group is true for the group as a whole.

    ‘While distributional changes between regions can occur at a given level of economic activity, it is a fallacy of composition to assume that all regions can lift themselves without a buoyant aggregate climate.’
    • ‘Searle argues that this objection involves a fallacy of composition, confusing the properties of a system with those of its parts.’
    • ‘Neither liberals nor conservatives are any more prone to prejudice than other groups and to argue otherwise is, in my opinion, an example of committing the fallacy of composition.’
    • ‘It is a fallacy of composition to suppose that aggregate wealth can be measured by summing business wealth, for every credit is balanced by a corresponding debit.’
    • ‘It is an example of what economists call the fallacy of composition: because something can work at one scale is no reason to apply it at another.’


fallacy of composition

/ˈfaləsē əv/ /ˈfæləsi əv/ /ə ˌkämpəˈziSHən/ /ə ˌkɑmpəˈzɪʃən/