Definition of fallibilist in English:


noun & adjective


See fallibilism

  • ‘Under the pressure of Stoic objections to his fallibilist epistemology Philo apparently made some controversial innovations in Academic philosophy.’
  • ‘Viewing knowledge as a tool for enriching experience, pragmatism tends to be pluralistic, experimental, fallibilist, and naturalistic.’
  • ‘If you are still a contented fallibilist, despite my plea to hear the sceptical argument afresh, you will probably be discontented with the Rule of Attention.’
  • ‘He advances a fallibilist epistemology whereby knowledge is defined not as justified true belief, but as belief of which our belief forming faculties tell us we can be certain.’
  • ‘Humility is not, however, achieved by acclamation, and something other than humility may be at work in fallibilist argumentation.’