Definition of falling-out in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfôliNG ˌout/ /ˈfɔlɪŋ ˌaʊt/

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in singular
  • A quarrel or disagreement.

    ‘the two of them had a falling-out’
    • ‘There have been fallings-out between them before, visceral back-biting and stand-up rows that are often settled long before they enter the public domain.’
    • ‘She told several New York newspapers that her fiancé has been falsely accused, calling it a, quote, ‘personal vendetta,’ adding that the two had a falling-out at work.’
    • ‘The exact nature of the falling-out remains uncertain but Mandaric appears to believe that he can run the club with another coach.’
    • ‘Washington's decision to send its own inspectors raises the possibility of a falling-out with Britain’
    • ‘She gets married abruptly, then abruptly widowed, then she has an abrupt falling-out with her nephew, and so on.’
    argument, row, fight, disagreement, difference of opinion, dissension, falling-out