Definition of false consciousness in English:

false consciousness


  • (especially in Marxist theory) a way of thinking that prevents a person from perceiving the true nature of their social or economic situation.

    ‘Biology produces the very heroism my friend would ascribe to false consciousness.’
    • ‘We on the left console ourselves with mutterings about false consciousness.’
    • ‘For Marx, democracy was an engine of false consciousness.’
    • ‘For the baptized, to disregard God's claim on their bodies is to act out of a false consciousness.’
    • ‘Having gone through the avant-gardist stage himself, Neruda places the emphasis on the avant-gardist or pure poet's false consciousness.’
    • ‘Surely only a victim of false consciousness would utter such blasphemy.’
    • ‘The culture wars foster false consciousness above all by focusing on abortion.’
    • ‘The Leninist concept of "false consciousness" refers to a class ' acceptance of the myths about itself.’
    • ‘The Marxian notion of false consciousness returns in Vargas Llosa's work with a vengeance.’
    • ‘The consumers of this rubbish suffered from false consciousness.’
    • ‘To say that designers, right or left, are in fact mostly conservative would be an example of bringing false consciousness to light.’
    • ‘Herr R, that is Realism, is craziness itself, the illusions of the real psychotically unaware of its false consciousness.’
    • ‘They exposed my miserabilism for the false consciousness it was.’
    • ‘It is strange in 2002 to read a book detailing the false consciousness of the Irish working class.’
    • ‘Later Marxists would eventually label this misinterpretation "false consciousness," a predicament intensified by the appearance of industrial capitalism.’
    • ‘The notion that false consciousness might be meaningful didn't have many takers.’
    • ‘The question about this false consciousness, of course, is still, "What is to be done?"’
    • ‘Apologizing for the false consciousness manufactured by pop culture doesn't make one a defender of democracy.’
    • ‘False consciousness about "values" makes for political war that is permanent.’