Definition of false pretenses in English:

false pretenses

plural noun

  • Behavior intended to deceive others.

    ‘he obtained money by false pretenses’
    • ‘Detained without trial for several months, his sentence for obtaining money under false pretences was eventually reduced to three months.’
    • ‘Two months later he was arrested by the local police for ‘obtaining money by false pretences and theft’.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The people who run these businesses are making money under false pretences and this practice should be stopped.’’
    • ‘He was sentenced last month at the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court after pleading guilty to 47 counts of fraud, forgery and false pretences.’
    • ‘The charges put to the accused yesterday include the falsification of accounts, acquiring money under false pretences and failing to keep records.’
    • ‘In addition, we object to the principle of extracting money by false pretences, and I have already begun spreading the word to those that matter.’
    • ‘They are looking for nine Bangladeshi nationals who disappeared after obtaining Irish visas under false pretences.’
    • ‘‘There are some players in that dressing room earning money by false pretences,’ said Kelly.’
    • ‘At the time, he had 30 convictions for fraud, false pretences and impersonation dating back 15 years.’
    • ‘She made her final court appearance in Auckland in 1931 facing five charges of obtaining money on false pretences.’
    • ‘This was in a matter in which three CBU students are charged with 40 counts of obtaining money by false pretences.’
    • ‘The leader of Fife Council, one of the backers, said public money may have been paid out under false pretences.’
    • ‘There never was a plan for our money and we have been taxed on false pretences.’
    • ‘In my 17 years as a professional player, I have experienced countless occasions when players have succeeded in obtaining a decision from the referee under false pretences and with malice aforethought.’
    • ‘In June, he pleaded guilty to 47 charges, including 32 of fraudulently converting client funds, 11 of forgery and four of obtaining funds under false pretences.’
    • ‘Officers will even be able to help consumers who have bought computers under false pretences - by proving, for example, that the computer advertised as having a five gigabyte memory actually has nothing of the sort.’
    • ‘If you have already brought tickets please get a refund as they have been sold under false pretences.’
    • ‘It is investigating claims that the money was spent on an equestrian centre, a volleyball team, private dinners and parties and frequent travel under false pretences.’
    • ‘I think that he should hand back the £800,000 as it has been received under false pretences, or keep it and use it to do something about the situation and improve our lives by keep us moving.’
    • ‘For example, at a job interview most of us have no qualms about behaving in a way which we know will impress the interviewer, even if this involves a certain amount of false pretences and acting on our part.’