Definition of Falstaffian in English:


Pronunciation /fôlˈstafēən/ /fɔlˈstæfiən/


  • Relating to or resembling Shakespeare's character Sir John Falstaff in being fat, jolly, and debauched.

    ‘a Falstaffian gusto for life’
    • ‘He is a man of Falstaffian appetites, Machiavellian instincts, and Svengali-like charms.’
    • ‘And between fights he blows up like a balloon, and his waist takes on Falstaffian dimensions.’
    • ‘I'm sure that ordinarily he was brimming with the milk of human kindness, full of Falstaffian mirth, a man with nothing but the deepest appreciation for the circle of life, etc.’
    • ‘There is no reason to do anything like that with Roosevelt, whose very real intellectual and physical appetites were positively Falstaffian.’
    • ‘Balmat's meals and Falstaffian humor help the team laugh away the pain of a 6-hour Tour stage.’
    big, burly, heavy, tall, bulky, thickset, heavyset, chunky, strapping, powerfully built, hefty, muscular, muscle-bound, brawny, muscly, husky, solid, powerful, sturdy, solidly built, broad-shouldered, strong, big and strong, rugged, Herculean