Definition of famous last words in English:

famous last words


  • Said as an ironic comment on or reply to an overconfident assertion that may well be proved wrong by events.

    ‘“I'll be perfectly OK on my own.” “Famous last words,” she thought to herself’
    • ‘Perhaps the most famous last words in military history were uttered by an American Civil War officer, John Sedgwick: They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance.’
    • ‘So for now I'm off to make my final preparations in the hope that all runs smoothly… famous last words!’
    • ‘This time we have ‘no return to boom and bust’, a mantra which could turn out to be Gordon Brown's famous last words.’
    • ‘No one laughed when Gen. George Custer uttered his famous last words at Little Big Horn: ‘We're not out of it.’’
    • ‘‘No need to worry any more, our ISP blocks all viruses’ could become some of the Net's most famous last words.’