Definition of faraday in English:


(also F)

Pronunciation /ˈferəˌdā/ /ˈfɛrəˌdeɪ/


  • A unit of electric charge equal to Faraday's constant.

    ‘One faraday of electricity is equal to one mole of electrons, which is equal to 96,487 coulombs of electricity.’
    • ‘Although the faraday, the measure of an electrical charge named after him (one faraday is equal to the charge of 6.02 × 1023), has been superseded by the SI unit coulomb, Faraday's name continues to live through the farad.’
    • ‘A mole of electrons, that is, 6.02 x 10 of them, is called a faraday.’


Early 20th century coined in German from the name of Faraday, Michael.