Definition of farewell in English:


Pronunciation /ˌferˈwel/ /ˌfɛrˈwɛl/

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  • Used to express good wishes on parting.

    • ‘Farewell Albert!’
    goodbye, so long, adieu
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  • 1An act of parting or of marking someone's departure.

    ‘the dinner had been arranged as a farewell’
    • ‘His teaching colleagues and students have arranged a special farewell party for him this Friday.’
    • ‘One idea is to launch a farewell party, like we do for adults when they leave.’
    • ‘But after struggling to recruit new members, they have decided to disband, and performed for the last time at a farewell party on Tuesday.’
    • ‘They expressed their gratitude to the Glenhest Community and friends who had organised the farewell party.’
    • ‘All of his last day was given over to a farewell party with a buffet lunch, presentations and speeches.’
    • ‘She hosts a grand farewell dinner party before she moves out, which is a great success.’
    • ‘Rumours have abounded that he has already held a farewell drinks party for his staff.’
    • ‘I won't do a farewell tour, I won't be a part of that.’
    • ‘Then why did so many military officials accompany the general on his farewell tour?’
    • ‘In his televised farewell speech, he said he was proudest of two accomplishments.’
    • ‘He also gave one of the most moving farewell speeches I'd ever heard.’
    • ‘Of course, that's the anniversary of Lou Gehrig's famous farewell speech.’
    • ‘In Chapter 4, the derivation of George Washington's farewell address is traced.’
    • ‘Before disbanding, the decision was made to play a handful of farewell concerts.’
    • ‘She was going to give a farewell concert but she no longer played solo.’
    • ‘Tonight I also went to have another farewell dinner with two of my friends.’
    • ‘At a funeral home in Chengdu, a farewell ceremony is being held.’
    • ‘And before I go, I will hand the two of you a farewell gift.’
    • ‘All items are for sale and would make fantastic wedding or farewell gifts.’
    • ‘His well wishes triggered a round of farewell remarks from other pod members.’
    departure, leaving, withdrawal, retirement, going, decamping, retreat, pull-out, evacuation
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    1. 1.1Parting good wishes.
      ‘he had come on the pretext of bidding her farewell’
      • ‘I bade him a fond farewell’
      • ‘Of course, this is no fond farewell as Lynn strolls off into the sunset.’
      • ‘The whole family was at the pier to bid us fond farewell, making us promise that we would come to visit them again.’
      • ‘Vincent nodded a farewell as she left, and he instinctively locked the door behind her.’
      • ‘If anybody sees her, she can bid her popularity a bittersweet farewell.’
      • ‘We exchanged farewells and soon Ethan and I were on the road again.’
      • ‘In mutual respect they exchanged farewells and went their separate ways, lost deep in their thoughts.’
      • ‘Sakura gave her thanks and the both of them exchanged their farewells and separated into their classes.’
      • ‘Without saying a word, the couple bade a fond farewell to their deceased friends and family.’
      • ‘Kilmaine parish bade a fond farewell to its most senior resident in recent weeks.’
      • ‘She bade a final farewell to Giovanni, but he simply smiled.’
      • ‘Littleborough bade a sad farewell to one of its own on Thursday.’
      • ‘The Queen said a tearful farewell to her younger sister, who was cremated.’
      • ‘Parents and staff have said a tearful farewell to a children's nursery that has closed after 25 years.’
      • ‘You'd think it would be like saying farewell to an old friend.’
      • ‘Bidding farewell, I unfurled the umbrella, and walked out into the rain.’
      • ‘No, giving up drinking was my way of saying farewell to my youth.’
      • ‘For many, saying farewell to those left behind on land is the hardest part.’
      • ‘I hailed a cab and waved a farewell to Benny as I got in.’
      • ‘The man waved farewell to them as the vehicle took off to the palace.’
      • ‘The cabbie whistled at the smaller amount and waved farewell to the woman.’
      valediction, goodbye, adieu
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Late Middle English from the imperative of fare + the adverb well.