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  • A craftsman who trims and shoes horses' hooves.

    ‘He worked as a farrier, shoeing horses at the Middleburg training track and the surrounding area.’
    • ‘Then too, teamsters, stable boys, and farriers were all needed to tend the horses.’
    • ‘There has been a shortage of farriers to shoe the thousands of both thoroughbred and sport horses in the country.’
    • ‘There were three farriers in action, shoeing horses and making the horseshoes, much to the fascination of onlookers.’
    • ‘It's already happening: vets, farriers, nutritionists and saddlers are working together and the benefits of complementary techniques that are backed up by science are being recognised.’
    • ‘He also maintains a list of holistic vets and approved therapists, remedial farriers and saddlers.’
    • ‘Nailing the shoe onto the horse is among the farrier's most crucial jobs.’
    • ‘If 17 jockeys, trainers, farriers, yes, farriers, and hangers on, have been caught in the UK, how many have not been caught?’
    • ‘It depicts a scene of purposeful activity - farriers shoeing; grooms tending huge chargers; a vet and orderly serjeant inspecting; men sweeping; cavalrymen feeding horses.’
    • ‘You must find a good farrier that is willing to work with a performance horse and keep those hooves in good shape.’
    • ‘You may want to check with your farrier or vet to see if your horse needs biotin.’
    • ‘With the knowledge and skill of many farriers today, they are very capable.’
    • ‘Those horses that have laminitis will frequently have subsolar abscesses and require attention from your farrier and/or veterinarian.’
    • ‘He also held a trainer's license in California, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas, and was licensed as a farrier in both Oklahoma and Texas.’
    • ‘He is a lovely little horse who's improved a lot, and full marks to the farrier for doing such a fine job.’
    • ‘The case also addresses whether compensation should be paid to those who suffer as a result of the ban, such as farriers, saddlers and feed merchants.’
    • ‘He is a veterinary surgeon, a farrier and horsebreaker.’
    • ‘Ireland has produced more than its share of quality horses, breeders, trainers, grooms, farriers, jockeys, head lads and punters.’
    • ‘This would inevitably lead to loss of income or worse for vets, farriers, kennels, saddle-makers, etc, etc.’
    • ‘There are farriers in the country who rely solely on shoeing hunt horses in the winter months to see them through the summer.’



/ˈferēər/ /ˈfɛriər/


Mid 16th century from Old French ferrier, from Latin ferrarius, from ferrum ‘iron, horseshoe’.