Definition of farruca in English:



  • A type of flamenco dance.

    ‘Wearing trousers, with her bare arms snaking out of a short black waistcoat, he performed a farruca, a Galician dance traditionally meant to assert male dignity.’
    • ‘The basic dances include alegrias, soleares, bulerias, and farruca.’
    • ‘The October 7 performance will include a talk beforehand, a one-hour performance of solos, group pieces and a farruca (usually performed by men).’
    • ‘Although they use traditional forms (farruca, siguiriyas, alegrias), they're a neo-flamenco group, creating contemporary innovations in the formal choreography and music.’



/fəˈro͞okə/ /fəˈrukə/


1930s Spanish, feminine of farruco ‘of Galicia or Asturias’, from Farruco, pet form of the given name Francisco.