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  • 1

    (also fascicule)
    A separately published installment of a book or other printed work.

    ‘We have also published two new fascicules from the series.’
    • ‘It was agreed that the work would take ten years to complete, be published at intervals in fascicles, and in its final form would consist of four volumes of some 6,400 pages.’
    • ‘When the last fascicle was published in April 1928, it completed a ten-volume dictionary documenting over 400,000 words and phrases.’
    • ‘Well, what I do is to take my pen-knife and slit the whole book up into forty or so fascicles.’
    • ‘It is therefore no surprise to find that the manuscript, more technically known as the ‘eleventh fascicle of Wi’ used in this recording originated in Paris around the year 1230.’
  • plural noun fasciculi


    (also fasciculus)
    Anatomy Biology
    A bundle of structures, such as nerve or muscle fibers or conducting vessels in plants.

    ‘As it pursues its arched course, the superior longitudinal fasciculus gathers and sheds nerve fibers from various cortical areas, and so links them to each other.’
    • ‘An extra fasciculus from the clavicle is found in 3% of individuals.’
    • ‘Bundles of nerve fibers serving a common function and sharing a common origin and destination are grouped together in tracts or fasciculi.’
    • ‘Accessory fasciculi vary markedly in their origin and termination.’
    • ‘The medial longitudinal fasciculus occupies its characteristic paramedian position.’
    bunch, roll, clump, wad, parcel, packet, package, pack, sheaf, bale, bolt, truss, fascicle



/ˈfasək(ə)l/ /ˈfæsək(ə)l/


Late 15th century (in fascicle (sense 2)): from Latin fasciculus, diminutive of fascis ‘bundle’.