Definition of fascist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfaSHəst/ /ˈfæʃəst/


  • 1An advocate or follower of the political philosophy or system of fascism.

    ‘he went to Spain to fight against the fascists’
    ‘Eastern European fascists could win power only with support from the Nazis’
    • ‘I assumed it was to stop a fascist, racist dictator from forcing his views on the people of Britain.’
    • ‘British trade unions have a proud history of opposing British Nazis, fascists and racists.’
    • ‘The people who put forward that argument were fascists and neo-Nazis.’
    • ‘The establishment of fascist dictatorships is not a historical inevitability.’
    • ‘At the same time I was doing a lot of casework around racist and fascist attacks.’
    authoritarian, totalitarian, autocrat, Nazi, extreme right-winger, far right-winger, rightist, blackshirt, militarist
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    1. 1.1A person who is extremely right-wing or authoritarian.
      ‘thousands of fascists and nationalists marched in the capital’
    2. 1.2A person who is very intolerant or domineering in a particular area.
      ‘I'm a bit of a spelling fascist, but still have blind spots over words like “privilege” or “separate”’
      ‘if I were being a culinary fascist, I would possibly moan about the overdone cooked tomatoes’


  • Relating to fascism.

    ‘a military coup threw out the old fascist regime’
    • ‘We do not call on the state to ban fascist organisations.’
    • ‘Tens of thousands of Chileans fled the brutal repression 60,000 in just the first three years of the fascist regime.’
    • ‘Their main objective was to remain independent of the fascist parties.’
    • ‘The training of criminologists was reorganised in accordance with fascist leadership structures.’
    • ‘Dora is engaged to a pompous young bigwig of local fascist society, to the evident delight of her ambitious mother.’
    • ‘The Church was in a fierce struggle against fascist interference in the sphere of free religious activity.’
    • ‘They appeared to do fascist salutes during their national anthem.’
    • ‘The fascist states left the League of Nations to get a free hand for their aggression.’
    • ‘These events have led to allegations of fascist infiltration of the Italian police.’
    • ‘The army demanded that Spanish fascist troops who fought alongside Nazi troops in Russia be honored, too.’
    • ‘The truth is that our fascist enemy is too predictable; let's not fall into the same trap.’
    • ‘Fascist regimes invariably implemented repressive measures against women.’
    • ‘At the same time I was doing a lot of casework around racist and fascist attacks.’
    • ‘With the development of mass media and computers such future fascist regimes would have new totalitarian capacities.’
    • ‘Visibility is good, so the fascist bombers are out in force.’
    • ‘Following a world war and fascist dictatorship, the overcoming of social divisions was even written into the constitution.’
    • ‘Do we face the danger of a fascist resurgence?’
    • ‘How does the rise of the fascist right in Europe affect revolutionary perspectives?’
    authoritarian, totalitarian, dictatorial, despotic, draconian, autocratic, Nazi, undemocratic, anti-democratic, illiberal, extreme right-wing, far right-wing, ultra-right, rightist, militarist
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Early 20th century Italian fascista, from fascio (see fascism).



/ˈfaSHəst/ /ˈfæʃəst/