Definition of fat shaming in English:

fat shaming


  • The action or practice of humiliating someone judged to be fat or overweight by making mocking or critical comments about their size.

    ‘the star endured fat shaming and cyberbullying for the weight she gained while pregnant’
    • ‘evidence shows that fat shaming actually leads to people gaining weight’
    • ‘I want to step back in to thank all of the people who have been pushing back against the fat-shaming.’
    • ‘However, my main issue with this policy is the fat-shaming.’
    • ‘The content of six jokes made between 2009 and 2014 has been enough for Twitter to accuse him of anti-semitism, sexism and fat-shaming.’
    • ‘I think he should start having ALL of his photos photoshopped to make him look thin so there could be no fat-shaming.’
    • ‘Wallace and Gallagher got into a discussion about fat-shaming on Gallagher's radio show on Friday.’
    • ‘FYI - Fat-shaming does not do anyone any good.’
    • ‘But the Oscar winner argues that fat-shaming on TV and elsewhere has an indisputably harmful effect on her young female fans.’
    • ‘No fat-shaming intended, but the guy is a lot of person.’
    • ‘How else are we going to defeat this ongoing fat-shaming, to be seen for what we achieve, not what the scales say?’
    • ‘The fat-shaming died down a bit when word leaked that he had undergone weight-loss surgery.’


(also fat-shaming)
  • Expressing mockery or criticism about someone judged to be fat or overweight.

    ‘she refuses to resort to extreme dieting because of fat-shaming bullies’
    • ‘the loudmouth TV personality received widespread criticism for her fat-shaming tweets’
    • ‘These comments, and this post, are appallingly classist and fat-shaming.’
    • ‘They are talking about her (and her horrible fat-shaming show).’
    • ‘He continues to use derogatory, fat-phobic, fat-shaming language to describe her and her weight.’
    • ‘Wallace has issued a public apology to her over the offensive fat-shaming comments he made on a radio show.’
    • ‘The whole show is a fat-shaming disaster that I'm embarrassed to have participated in.’
    • ‘This means that fat-shaming statements can aggravate an already sensitive mind-set and have an effect other than the one intended.’
    • ‘Being a fat-shaming jerk to someone who would eventually lose weight is bad, because that person is socially redeemable and is even something to be respected.’
    • ‘Fatphobic and fat-shaming comments should never be tolerated.’
    • ‘Stop giving punk culture a bad name via your moronic, fat-shaming views.’
    • ‘The actress and mother responded to the comedian's fat-shaming joke in the classiest way possible.’