Definition of Father's Day in English:

Father's Day


  • A day of the year on which fathers are particularly honoured by their children. It was first observed in the state of Washington in 1910; in the US, South Africa, and Britain, it is usually the third Sunday in June, in Australia, the first Sunday in September.

    • ‘In 1924 President Coolidge supported the idea of a national Father's Day.’
    • ‘Before Papa died, on his last Father's Day in fact, I gave him a blank book and asked him to write down his stories for me.’
    • ‘Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there, especially my Dad.’
    • ‘On Father's Day, I took my mother and my kids to visit my dad's grave.’
    • ‘I received a phone call from my son on Father's Day to wish me a happy Father's Day.’
    • ‘Happy Father's Day to all the fathers that pass by this blog and may you continue being the good fathers that you are.’
    • ‘It is seven months since you left us and now we have the first Father's Day that we will not share in 63 years.’
    • ‘We commemorate two special days in June - D-Day and Father's Day.’
    • ‘On Father's Day the traditional way to honour your father is to wear a red rose if he is living or wear a white rose if he has passed away.’
    • ‘This Father's Day, just say no to ties and thick books about dead presidents.’
    • ‘He began by warmly wishing everyone a happy Father's Day and welcoming us to Las Vegas, his new home.’
    • ‘This Father's Day, why not give Dad something that tells him you appreciate how he brought you up?’
    • ‘Yesterday was my first Father's Day as a dad, and all I have to say is that I could really get used to this.’
    • ‘So Father's Day, which always has been special to me, will be even more meaningful now.’
    • ‘This Father's Day, grab your glove out of the garage and go play catch with your son.’
    • ‘In June, Americans celebrate Father's Day and take time to appreciate their dads.’
    • ‘If so, a book might be the perfect Father's Day gift.’
    • ‘The crew and I bought him a Father's Day card in a demonstration of roofers' humor.’
    • ‘It was a small note written by me years ago, a note I stuck into a Father's Day card.’
    • ‘While Father's Day is a happy occasion for many Dads, it may not be for all.’