Definition of Fauve in English:



(also fauve)
  • A member of a group of French painters who favored Fauvism.

    as modifier ‘a Fauve canvas by Matisse’
    • ‘The painterly freedom of the Fauves and their expressive use of color gave splendid proof of their intelligent study of van Gogh's art.’
    • ‘In their early years, they might have worked with others - Matisse was a Fauve, Picasso briefly teamed up with Braque - but they are not today defined by such associations.’
    • ‘Following their lead, the French Fauve painters, under the auspices of Matisse, took the power of color another step further.’
    • ‘For today's artists and art lovers, the Fauves were ‘honest in their emotions.’’
    • ‘His earliest works show the influence of the Fauve and Cubist movements that were fashionable in Spain during the early part of the century.’
    • ‘Now the Fauves are considered among the most important early modern artists.’
    • ‘It was about this time that he was really struck by the color and simplicity of Matisse and other Fauve artists.’



/fōv/ /foʊv/