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  • Lacking fear.

    ‘a fearless defender of freedom’
    • ‘He is a fearless defender and truly puts his body on the line.’
    • ‘For those who thought the era of tough and fearless investigative journalism was over, take heart!’
    • ‘How can they hold their heads high with this guy as their fearless leader?’
    • ‘Our fearless leader drilled us on the fine points of clinching the donation.’
    • ‘She is my favorite author because she was so challenging, so fearless, so intelligent.’
    • ‘Both men were fearless practitioners of their art - except when it came to one act.’
    • ‘That figure is fearless, whether in the face of the enemy or of death itself.’
    • ‘This is a show in which our fearless heroine encounters an army of female super-robots!’
    • ‘He was a fearless racer who made both friends and enemies on the track.’
    • ‘Although all are fearless runners, none is instinctive enough to anticipate running lanes.’
    • ‘As before, they expressed no worry; it seemed foolish of them to be so fearless.’
    • ‘But as she stood there fearless and prepared for the worst, she felt something new.’
    • ‘These fish were fearless in their journey upstream, and no pesky tourists were going to perturb them.’
    • ‘But much of the positive change that has taken place in the town can be tied to her fearless resolve.’
    • ‘He has decent speed and great strength, but his best attribute is his nose for the ball and fearless style of play.’
    • ‘Let's use the Internet to project our independent, fearless voices to the world.’
    • ‘You are looking for a fearless lover, one willing to create a romance that will unleash your passions.’
    • ‘Their fearless willingness to sacrifice their lives made them deadly killing machines.’
    • ‘You are fearless in that you do things that may cause you or another harm.’
    • ‘He is one of the fastest players and most fearless hitters on the team, even at a mere 195 pounds.’
    bold, brave, courageous, intrepid, valiant, valorous, gallant, plucky, lionhearted, stout-hearted, heroic, daring, dynamic, spirited, mettlesome, confident, audacious, indomitable, doughty
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/ˈfirləs/ /ˈfɪrləs/