Definition of fearlessness in English:


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  • Lack of fear.

    ‘she quickly earned a reputation for fearlessness’
    • ‘The author showed again her utter fearlessness when it comes to attacking the big subjects and her determination to bring philosophical discussions into the realm of highly readable and entertaining literature.’
    • ‘He was remembered for having an absolute fearlessness in confronting authority on matters of principle and a complete stubbornness if he believed he was right.’
    • ‘He attacked the ball with courage and fearlessness from first bounce to last.’
    • ‘Immersing himself in battle with at least seeming fearlessness became the photographer's specialty.’
    • ‘I've always admired my mom's fearlessness to rip things up, start over, jump in.’
    • ‘What I admired most about this book was the writer's fearlessness in portraying herself truthfully.’
    • ‘The author suggests that the sergeant's fearlessness on the front lines was founded in a deep Anglican faith.’
    • ‘He had a fearlessness about confronting anyone - be it an orderly or a chief of surgery - who he thought was underperforming.’
    • ‘She embodies an unapologetic freedom and fearlessness that some of us can only aspire to.’
    • ‘The director comments in the accompanying featurette that he has always favored American film actors for their "emotional fearlessness."’



/ˈfirləsnəs/ /ˈfɪrləsnəs/