Definition of fearmongering in English:



  • The action of deliberately arousing public fear or alarm about a particular issue.

    ‘he was engaging in pure fearmongering that just might frighten folks into buying anti-hacker software’
    • ‘I deeply resent being lied to by our government to win support for its dangerous, fear-mongering policies.’
    • ‘Alas, I cannot say how much is due to media fear-mongering.’
    • ‘The organization generated over $200 million in contributions in 2000, mostly through fear-mongering.’
    • ‘I was offended, rather than rattled, by the rampant fear-mongering.’
    • ‘Everything I found was either eerie Scientologist propaganda or anti-cult fear mongering.’
    • ‘Stay tuned to your local, fear-mongering newscast to learn absolutely no information of value.’
    • ‘Of course, what they don't tell you is the corporate motive behind this fear-mongering.’
    • ‘Only in America have I heard Christian leaders engaging in this kind of fear-mongering.’
    • ‘Strange, then, that Moore himself indulges in misleading fearmongering.’
    • ‘With enough fearmongering, that attitude may win him the election.’
    • ‘That means that 70 percent of all homes will still get the same old fear-mongering during four months of the year.’
    • ‘In case one hasn't noticed, these remarks are tantamount to irrational fear-mongering.’
    • ‘Hispanic advocates - or at least some of them - say the term promotes racism and fear mongering.’
    • ‘We hear about terrorists and the language of fear mongering promoted by the government.’
    • ‘This is not fear mongering; this is fact.’
    • ‘The report, not surprisingly, ends with some unanswered fear mongering.’
    • ‘Haven't they been thoroughly discredited as fear mongering propaganda?’
    • ‘As a consequence, we seem often to be more motivated by fear-mongering than reasoned discourse.’
    • ‘This is fear-mongering at its worst.’



/ˈfirˌməNGəriNG/ /ˈfɪrˌməŋərɪŋ/