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feasibility study

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  • An assessment of the practicality of a proposed plan or method.

    ‘a feasibility study into the possibility of harnessing natural water power’
    • ‘A feasibility study assessing the proposal is currently being carried out and is expected to be completed by September.’
    • ‘A Canadian company is currently conducting a feasibility study of the plan.’
    • ‘This does not suggest students know how to write a business plan or conduct a feasibility study.’
    • ‘A launch in the North is planned while a feasibility study for launching in Britain is under way.’
    • ‘A feasibility study into the proposals is due out next month which, if approved, should pave the way to proceed with funding bids.’
    • ‘Local authority chiefs have now ordered a feasibility study into the possibility of opening a new town centre swimming pool.’
    • ‘This feasibility study should be able to help us assess if we could make the site profitable and of value to the local community.’
    • ‘It emerged that a feasibility study would have to be carried out to assess the need for the pool.’
    • ‘In any event, the board had agreed to allow the council to proceed with a feasibility study in relation to its proposal.’
    • ‘Architects have been commissioned to do a feasibility study of the theatre's proposals.’
    • ‘She asked fellow councillors if any possibility of better access had arisen from a feasibility study carried out at the town hall.’
    • ‘A feasibility study is now to be carried out on the town's bridge, which may well be knocked down and replaced with something else cheaper.’
    • ‘In his estimate, the international regulators will need more than six months to analyse the feasibility study.’
    • ‘Completion of a feasibility study scheduled for October 2005 is now expected by the middle of next year.’
    • ‘The project will be completed in several stages, with stage two requiring a feasibility study before it goes ahead.’
    • ‘Lancashire County Council is carrying out a feasibility study into the project in a bid to raise cash for energy conservation schemes.’
    • ‘Looking to the future, the council has completed its feasibility study for a new auditorium and performance space in Wimbledon.’
    • ‘Co-ordination work has started and a task force will finish a feasibility study for the whole project by the end of this year.’
    • ‘A feasibility study calculates the smaller facility would cost £9.34 million.’
    • ‘The parish council has agreed to allow resident Simon Midgley to seek outside funding for a feasibility study to see if the scheme would work.’


feasibility study

/ˌfēzəˈbilədē ˈstədē/ /ˌfizəˈbɪlədi ˈstədi/