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feast day

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  • A day on which a celebration, especially an annual Christian one, is held.

    ‘on feast days a High Mass was sung’
    • ‘the feast day of Saint Mark’
    • ‘The Maltese love festivals, and between May and October almost every town and village in Malta and Gozo celebrates the feast day of its patron saint.’
    • ‘Every city or town also celebrates the feast day of its patron saint with processions, dancing, and bullfights.’
    • ‘Each village celebrates the feast day of its patron saint.’
    • ‘Instead of their own birthdays, Hungarians, like people in other primarily Catholic countries, tend to celebrate the feast day of the saint for whom they are named.’
    • ‘The tradition of giving presents to children evolved from the Dutch celebration of the feast day of Saint Nicholas on December 6.’
    • ‘All in all Sunday night will be a night not to be missed when the parish named after the national saint will celebrate his feast day in style.’
    • ‘They may have to do with a saint or a feast day, with a liturgical service or a literary idea.’
    • ‘In addition, every village observes the feast day of its patron saint.’
    • ‘This coming Saturday is St. David's Day, the feast day of the patron saint of Wales.’
    • ‘Floats and parades and marching bands and all the other events that have been lined up to celebrate the feast day of the national apostle are in the final stages.’
    • ‘Cities and town celebrate the patron saint's feast day, usually with carnivals, processions, masses, dances, and concerts.’
    • ‘The college celebrated its 600th anniversary with a dinner on the feast day of Corpus Christi in 1952.’
    • ‘Athough we have many holidays, our only feast day is Christmas day.’
    • ‘It is also the feast day for the many Lutheran churches around the country that are named Trinity.’
    • ‘Have you taught the young people in your church about St. Nicholas, noting his feast day on December 6?’
    • ‘Her feast day is celebrated each year on October 1st.’
    • ‘Not everyone feels the need to celebrate the feast day of St Valentine.’
    • ‘The Muslim feast day of Tobaski is celebrated by eating mutton, and families save to purchase a large sheep.’
    • ‘Much of the problem has to do with the feast day itself.’
    • ‘How, they wondered, could a Catholic parish fail to offer their celestial mother proper honor on her feast day?’
    festival, religious festival, feast day, saint's day, holy day, holiday, fete, festivity, celebration


feast day

/ˈfēs(t) ˌdā/ /ˈfis(t) ˌdeɪ/