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  • 1Having or relating to a system of government in which several states form a unity but remain independent in internal affairs.

    ‘Russia's federation treaty shares powers among Russia's federal and local governments’
    • ‘Within a federal system of government, there is now a national Bill of Rights.’
    • ‘Do you mean, what about regional devolution like that which might occur under a federal European government?’
    • ‘That said, the funds are unlikely to approach the level of transfers found in traditional federal systems.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the federal government restricts more and more public land for natural gas development.’
    • ‘Public housing has been starved of funds by successive federal and state governments.’
    • ‘The Justice Department, an arm of the federal government, is now enforcing religious doctrine.’
    • ‘Chancellor Schröder played the key role in shifting the federal government to support the ban.’
    • ‘Since the provinces won't, the federal government should take up the students' case.’
    • ‘Three big problems make it hard for the federal government to attract top talent.’
    • ‘It would help cement a close working relationship with the federal government in the future, she said.’
    • ‘At present, however, the federal government has no power to deploy troops unilaterally.’
    • ‘The takeover of all branches of the federal government by the extreme right is now virtually complete.’
    • ‘Guinn's concerns have been supported by data collected by the federal government itself.’
    • ‘Some 95 percent of its budget is derived from a variety of federal government funding.’
    • ‘He is touted for setting up a program for formerly uninsured workers at no cost to the federal government.’
    • ‘Although the federal government has not challenged the ruling, it has failed to comply with it.’
    • ‘If the federal government had a real interest in defending its own cities, then it could have done so.’
    • ‘Yet the local, regional and federal governments appear to have taken no precautions.’
    • ‘He therefore rejected their claims for compensation from the federal government.’
    • ‘Has there been a new era of provincial partnership with the federal government?’
    1. 1.1Relating to or denoting the central government as distinguished from the separate units constituting a federation.
      ‘the federal agency that provides legal services to the poor’
      • ‘He had been a distinguished federal judge on the second most powerful court in the nation.’
      • ‘The fact that a matter might or might not give rise to a claim under federal jurisdiction does not constitute it as a claim.’
      • ‘Nor did their training and effort constitute federal service, and thereby qualify them for future benefit.’
      • ‘Keyes is right that the burden of responsibility should fall on federal shoulders.’
      • ‘Almost $46m has already been disbursed by the federal emergency management agency.’
      • ‘The state of Vermont has filed a lawsuit against the federal agency over the issue.’
      • ‘None of them wants to give up federal funding and take responsibility for their own policies.’
      • ‘The president should let all federal agencies know that reining in regulations is a priority.’
      • ‘The prisons retain a federal connection to the central administration in Moscow.’
      • ‘Drinking alcohol is theoretically illegal in India under the terms of the federal constitution.’
      • ‘The leading role in it should be taken by federal agencies of the defense sectors of industry.’
      • ‘If state law allows for direct access, then why should a federal agency deny payment?’
      • ‘Because of the mix of state and federal responsibilities the politics of obesity are complex indeed.’
      • ‘The federal agency is best known for guiding judges to set consistent prison terms.’
      • ‘Other federal departments and agencies have been slower to embark on official histories.’
      • ‘In one case federal money was provided to help monitor the police.’
      • ‘It will make a mockery of the federal judiciary constitutional structure and religions.’
      • ‘For a start, some may criticize the combination of federal and state data.’
      • ‘Many, but not all, of the states with income taxes link them to the federal income tax.’
      • ‘They have said they want to reduce the pensions of privileged federal civil servants and use the money for social programmes.’
      confederate, federated, federative
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    2. 1.2Relating to or denoting the central government of the US.
      ‘Others mocked it as a paper bullet that only freed slaves in areas where the federal government had no authority.’
      • ‘The federal government says about half of your schools are failing to make the grade.’
      • ‘This figure is nearly four times the number that the federal government admits.’
      • ‘This week the US Senate will vote through a Bill banning all federal agencies from buying services in from abroad.’
      • ‘It is a federal responsibility and for the States to intrude in a general way makes for uncertainty.’
      • ‘The prospect of reforming the Electoral College goes to the heart of the federal structure of the United States.’
      • ‘Much of the debate focused on what federal agency would house such a large new program.’
      • ‘It seems that the federal government is stipulating that either couples be married or they prove their relationship.’
      • ‘Funding for the programs is shared between the federal government and the states.’
      • ‘The federal government hadn't funded them, but they were trying to carry on.’
      • ‘Many of these training programmes are provided free of charge by state and federal government agencies.’
      • ‘However, it was short of money from the first and many in federal agencies were far too conservative to give it their support.’
      • ‘We also need to get the Federal government out of a whole range of areas they simply do not belong.’
      • ‘Congressional districts, states and counties should develop programs with Federal support.’
      • ‘His scam and others of a similar nature came to the notice of Federal authorities in the early Nineties.’
      • ‘The mayor requested Federal assistance and an evacuation program several days before the event.’
    3. 1.3US historical Of the northern states in the Civil War.
      ‘a loud Federal cheer was heard, proving Stonewall to be hard pressed’
      • ‘The battle came as the Northern Federal government led by Abraham Lincoln was on the verge of defeat.’



/ˈfed(ə)rəl/ /ˈfɛd(ə)rəl/


Mid 17th century from Latin foedus, foeder- ‘league, covenant’+ -al.