Definition of feedlot in English:



  • An area or building where livestock are fed or fattened up.

    ‘Several companies sell parasitic wasps for controlling flies in and around livestock buildings and feedlots.’
    • ‘Farmers with large livestock feedlots need to recycle voluminous quantities of manure by applying it to their fields as fertilizer.’
    • ‘Run-off from barnyards, cropland, feedlots, septic tanks, and intensively managed turf areas such as golf courses can introduce large quantities of organic matter and nutrients into a pond.’
    • ‘Livestock feedlots are typically located to utilize natural surface-drainage conditions.’
    • ‘Though excess moisture can create mud pits out of huge feedlots, appropriately scaled feedlots do not develop these problems.’
    • ‘The collection points should be typical for the feedlot and should exclude areas that won't be removed during yard cleanup.’
    • ‘This data reveals the thermal stress level of livestock and will be useful in managing cattle in feedlots.’
    • ‘I spent several years working on this project with a group at the bank who were interested in changing its policy of funding big projects for developing livestock feedlots in developing countries.’
    • ‘Locate and design feedlots or barnyards carefully to prevent surface runoff toward well heads and well recharge areas, drainage ditches, or streams.’
    • ‘Twenty-four-hour surveillance of feedlots has shown that cattle would rather feed at sunset - instead of morning, as is usual.’
    • ‘By not finishing animals in a feedlot, there are no feedlot-related illnesses, and so there's less need for medications.’
    • ‘The main issue this research project is dealing with is water contamination from bacteria and nitrogen and phosphorus in manure from about 100 large cattle feedlots in the watershed.’
    • ‘Corn silage is being harvested for the feedlots.’
    • ‘House flies may congregate on the faces of cattle in confined feedlots or dairy pens.’
    • ‘Instead of sending them to feedlots to be fattened on grain, farmers are keeping animals home on the range.’
    • ‘Having to track these cattle in the feedlot will add costs to American feeders and farmers.’



/ˈfēdlät/ /ˈfidlɑt/