Definition of feedstuff in English:



usually feedstuffs
  • A food provided for cattle and other livestock.

    ‘agricultural feedstuffs for pigs and cattle’
    • ‘In addition, various combinations and processing methods of food waste and traditional feedstuffs should be further evaluated.’
    • ‘Typically, if enough land is available in an operation to produce feedstuffs for the animals, there is enough land to apply manure nutrients to minimize environmental effects.’
    • ‘In this instance, the dioxin source was traced to contaminated animal fats that had been added to chicken feed and other animal feedstuffs.’
    • ‘His rations change daily according to available feedstuffs like citrus pulp, brewers grains, sorghum silage and other by-products of the area.’
    • ‘From the 1830s farmers began to use increasing quantities of artificial fertilizers and animal feedstuffs, pushing up productivity to new levels.’
    • ‘Some feedstuffs, particularly roughages, may appear to contribute enough amino acid to help satisfy the requirement.’
    • ‘The transition in digestive enzyme development will therefore have a direct impact on the type of feedstuffs used in formulating starter pig diets.’
    • ‘Avoid getting hay or other feedstuffs in the sample.’
    • ‘Limit-feeding of high concentrate feedstuffs and other least-cost diets have been well researched and established as viable alternatives to feeding hay for ad libitum intake.’
    • ‘The greater variation in feedstuffs used in horse feeding compared with the feeding of other animals poses difficulty in determining all of the essential amino acid requirements for horses.’
    • ‘A supplement was formulated based on the results of the forage test, nutritional requirements of beef cows, and locally available feedstuffs.’
    • ‘Different feedstuffs vary in their phytate content.’
    • ‘Lower prices for alternative high protein feedstuffs such as soybean meal have resulted in lower prices for meat and bone meal.’
    • ‘However, seasonal variation among individual feedstuffs and environmental conditions do exist.’
    • ‘The appendix tables cover the nutrient requirements for many species and composition of common feedstuffs.’
    • ‘Metabolizable energy was calculated using values for individual feedstuffs.’
    • ‘Several people have been concerned about the possibility of nitrates in the chopped feedstuffs.’
    • ‘‘The bottom line is the costs have gone through the roof for feedstuffs, fertiliser and veterinary care,’ said Councillor Cronin.’
    • ‘It not only promotes appetite, but also enables the masking of unpalatable feedstuffs such as poor hay and silage.’
    • ‘The diffusion of rye and oats, mainly reserved for animal feedstuffs in antiquity, was slow at first, accelerated from the seventh century onwards, and expanded dramatically in the tenth century.’