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  • An abundant rock-forming mineral typically occurring as colorless or pale-colored crystals and consisting of aluminosilicates of potassium, sodium, and calcium.

    ‘Quartz is associated most commonly with aegirine and potassium feldspar as well as zircon.’
    • ‘Larger crystals of feldspar and quartz dominate the host rock.’
    • ‘These granite dikes are composed almost totally of potassium feldspar and quartz.’
    • ‘Minerals such as feldspar, which are insoluble in water, will not give a positive test.’
    • ‘Its most abundant mineral is feldspar, which accounts for two-thirds of the Earth's crust.’



/ˈfel(d)ˌspär/ /ˈfɛl(d)ˌspɑr/


Mid 18th century alteration of German Feldspat, Feldspath, from Feld ‘field’ + Spat, Spath ‘spar’ (see spar). The form felspar is by mistaken association with German Fels ‘rock’.