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(also fellah)
nonstandard spelling of fellow, used in representing speech in various dialects
‘goodbye, young fella’
  • ‘It's a confusing time in every young fella's life.’
  • ‘It's up to the younger fellas to start taking their place.’
  • ‘Everyday in the club, new young fellas walk through the door.’
  • ‘It was a very sorry sight to see young fellas and girls with their suitcases or anything else that would carry a few belongings make their ways to this boat.’
  • ‘It's great for the young fellas coming through, who have worked so hard since the beginning of the year.’
  • ‘We get young fellas out here and they really do take to it pretty quickly.’
  • ‘Thoughts on these matters came to mind last week when I was reading an extraordinary story about a young fella at school in Cork.’
  • ‘The young fella had finally tasted the glamorous world that captured his imagination four decades earlier.’
  • ‘At least the young fella should be assessed before any decision is made on deporting the family.’
  • ‘Young fellas, who at the age of 12 were big bullies in the yard, were weedy twerps by age 16.’
  • ‘We've been working towards something special for the last five months, so you've got to take your hat off to these young fellas.’
  • ‘It's a necessary evil, but he wonders how many young fellas will be prepared to do this in the future.’
  • ‘As I move to enter, I'm forced to step aside as a young fella carrying some bulky shiny metallic object staggers out.’
  • ‘When I was a young fella my geography teacher lamented that Ireland had no natural resources.’
  • ‘He'd throw the young fella up on his shoulders and use his ticket to get in.’
  • ‘It was a semi-detached house which, when I was a young fella, was way out in the country.’
  • ‘It was great fun though and I am sure I will continue to go till the wee fella makes an appearance.’
  • ‘Still, don't try to force an instant friendship between the fellas.’
  • ‘Let's all hope they take their time to elect the new fellah!’
  • ‘I am absolutely delighted for him because he is a genuinely lovely fellah.’



/ˈfelə/ /ˈfɛlə/