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felt-tip pen

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(also felt-tipped pen)
  • A pen with a writing point made of felt or other tightly packed fibers, typically containing a brightly colored ink.

    ‘I need a couple of ball points, a felt tip and a couple of gel roller ones.’
    • ‘Mark the wall with a felt-tip pen or dark pencil through the circled hole.’
    • ‘Next, using a felt tip or pencil, draw lines parallel to the edges of the tile to be replaced, about one inch in from the edge.’
    • ‘A 15-year-old, who lives in central Littleborough, used a felt-tip pen to write on walls at Littleborough Community Primary School.’
    • ‘My so-called life as a designer means that doodles and dotted lines, boxes and arrows are the atoms of understanding I have to construct in my notebook with a black felt-tip pen.’
    • ‘Or you can simply paint them all over with a red felt-tip pen.’
    • ‘There are a couple of patches where the paint's gone, but nothing that can't be filled in with touch-up paint, or a blue felt-tip pen.’
    • ‘The procedure was split into two parts: the first was to mark the ‘targets’ on my body with a felt-tip pen.’
    • ‘With a felt-tip pen, he drew a line on the block and hammered it a couple of times to make it fit its neighboring ones.’
    • ‘I actually wrote out betting slips for myself, with a felt-tip pen and post-it notes.’
    • ‘If it helps to draw on a couple of eyes with a felt tip then go right ahead.’
    • ‘When she found one she marked it with a felt tip pen.’
    • ‘I remember the hamster incident but not the felt tip pens.’
    • ‘Someone had written my name across it in a black felt tip pen.’
    • ‘Within minutes, Ben had got his felt tip pen out and was happily writing his name on it.’
    • ‘It was done completely with highlighters, and a black felt tip pen.’
    • ‘Trace the pattern outlines using wax chalk, a soap sliver, a felt-tip pen or an air-soluble marker that contrasts with the fabric backing.’
    • ‘Conner found that both the felt-tip pen and marker enabled him to free the mark from any descriptive function.’
    • ‘There was a moment of odd silence but after that she nodded and she handed the black felt tip over to him moments later.’


felt-tip pen

/ˌfeltˌtip ˈpen/ /ˌfɛltˌtɪp ˈpɛn/