Definition of felucca in English:



  • A small boat propelled by oars or lateen sails or both, used on the Nile and formerly more widely in the Mediterranean region.

    • ‘The ships were the kind of swift feluccas preferred by the desert warlords, with odd-looking lateen sails and long, backswept oars pointing downwards into the water.’
    • ‘They plan on buying a wooden boat, a felucca, in Khartoum to continue their journey.’
    • ‘If you want something unusual and more intimate, try sailing in a felucca or explore the rest of Egypt with a day-return train or flight to Cairo.’
    • ‘And on more than one occasion, a late winter storm had wiped out entire armadas of their felucca ships.’
    • ‘The Egyptian river boat is known as a felucca and they can be hired along the bank.’


Early 17th century from Italian feluc(c)a, probably from obsolete Spanish faluca, of Arabic origin.