Definition of feoffee in English:



  • 1A trustee invested with a freehold estate to hold in possession for a purpose, typically a charitable one.

    ‘He became a legal advisor to Lord FitzWalter and later to his son, as well as a feoffee of the FitzWalter estates; he similarly served the Earl of Oxford, who had landed and commercial interests in Maldon.’
    ‘The feoffees' secretary, Campbell Higgins, said the market operator still owed an unspecified amount of money.’
    1. 1.1historical (in feudal law) a person to whom a grant of freehold property is made.
      ‘The Sunday market was renting land owned by the feoffees, an ancient feudal society with land rights.’


Late Middle English from Anglo-Norman French feoffe ‘enfeoffed’, past participle of feoffer, variant of Old French fieffer (see feoffment).



/fɛˈfiː/ /fiːˈfiː/