Definition of ferric in English:



  • 1Relating to iron.

    • ‘Without chromium, however, this alloy is vulnerable to corrosion attack in reducing acids when oxidizing salts such as ferric or cupric chloride are present, even in the parts-per-million range.’
    • ‘Mix the ferric ammonium citrate and oxalic acid well, then add the silver nitrate.’
    • ‘For his new process, Talbot used ferric chloride, a chemical both inexpensive and one where the depth of etching could easily be controlled.’
    • ‘Some mine waters may be appreciably acid in character and these are more aggressive, especially where they contain iron salts, particularly ferric chloride.’
    • ‘It was mixed in a water-based solution of cobalt thiocyanate, ferric chloride, and various acids.’
    1. 1.1Chemistry Of iron with a valency of three; of iron(III).
      Compare with ferrous
      • ‘The ability of wetland plants to flourish in environments with high Fe concentrations has been attributed to the oxidation of soluble ferrous iron to insoluble ferric iron in the rhizosphere.’
      • ‘The mottling is created by the alternation of ferrous and ferric iron compounds.’
      • ‘Ferrous and ferric iron catalyze the formation of reactive oxygen metabolites, which may mediate mucosal injury.’
      • ‘Chemically, Strain 121's respiration process reduces ferric iron to ferrous iron and forms the mineral magnetite, the source of most of the magnetic material deposited on Earth some two billion years ago.’
      • ‘Furthermore, RR spectroscopy is a widely used tool for the analysis of the heme-pocket structure in both the ferric and ferrous form of heme proteins.’
      made of iron


Late 18th century from Latin ferrum ‘iron’ + -ic.