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  • (of a body or substance) having a high susceptibility to magnetization, the strength of which depends on that of the applied magnetizing field, and which may persist after removal of the applied field. This is the kind of magnetism displayed by iron, and is associated with parallel magnetic alignment of neighboring atoms.

    ‘As these ferromagnetic substances (the guitar strings) move within the magnetic field of the permanent magnet, it causes the flux through the bobbin to change.’
    • ‘In ferromagnetic materials, the atoms' magnetic moments (that is, their spins) are all aligned in the same direction.’
    • ‘Lead, not being a ferromagnetic material, cannot shield or shunt magnetic fields in this way.’
    • ‘The temperature at which the magnetic ordering in ferromagnetic substances vanishes is known as the Néel temperature.’
    • ‘In ferromagnetic materials immersed in a magnetic field, magnetization increases as the temperature drops.’



/ˌferōˌmaɡˈnedik/ /ˌfɛroʊˌmæɡˈnɛdɪk/