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  • 1A day or period of celebration, typically a religious commemoration.

    ‘a tabulation of saints' days and other festivals’
    • ‘a festival atmosphere’
    • ‘We do celebrate more religious festivals than most schools, but the children enjoy it.’
    • ‘Here in Doi Tung, these tribal villagers continue to celebrate their ancient festivals and religious rituals.’
    • ‘When my sister taught at a junior school they celebrated all the religious festivals.’
    • ‘These are usually performed at religious fairs and festivals or at harvest time.’
    • ‘It is in these places that festivals are celebrated with religious music and masked dances.’
    • ‘One example of this is the issue of prayers and celebration of non-Christian religious festivals in schools.’
    • ‘Could there be some innocent reason to do with tax or religious festivals that would result in contributions tending to bunch at that time?’
    • ‘These shows take place at fairs, religious festivals, weddings, funerals, and sporting events.’
    • ‘He charged that in Tripura Hindu religious festivals were not allowed to be celebrated by Christians.’
    • ‘Villagers may derive their greatest pleasure from fairs and religious festivals.’
    • ‘At a season of religious festivals, the rich peoples of the world indulge in a benign competition to do good.’
    • ‘Even in the contemporary church, this is one of the least religious of the festivals.’
    • ‘Besides the religious connotation of the festival, it is seen as a time for revelry.’
    • ‘There was a festival atmosphere in UK bookshops as children eagerly flocked to snap up the latest tale.’
    • ‘Falafel are made for religious festivals, especially among Christian communities during Lent when meat is forbidden.’
    • ‘Among Indo-Fijians, feasting is associated with marriages and religious festivals.’
    • ‘In India celebration of fairs and festivals has become like a ritual.’
    • ‘Because this time of year is not only a time of religious festivals.’
    • ‘This epic of Dravidian India is of the type that is told in homes rather than at religious festivals.’
    • ‘Passover is one of the most important religious festivals in the Jewish calendar.’
    fete, fair, gala day, gala, carnival, fiesta, jamboree, pageant
    holy day, feast day, saint's day, holiday
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    1. 1.1An annual celebration or anniversary.
      ‘highlights of this year's pumpkin festival’
      • ‘Mike and his committee are determined to make their tenth anniversary festival a memorable one.’
      • ‘Jackie said the school would want to be a part of any city-wide anniversary festival.’
      • ‘The High School also plans to hold an annual technology festival for children from local primary schools.’
      • ‘Torrential rain and vandalism marred Settle's annual flag festival and Sheep Shambles.’
      • ‘This annual festival is in its 24th year and is connected to Cricklade College in Andover.’
      • ‘The Bank Holiday weekend saw Harewood House play host to their annual family festival of food and drink.’
      • ‘Exotic sights, sounds and flavours filled a parish hall in Cricklade as part of the annual town festival.’
      • ‘There are just days to go before Southampton's annual festival at the Common.’
      • ‘Last month, I was in Wigtown in Galloway for its sixth annual literary festival.’
      • ‘In the Trobriand Islands the annual yam festival is more than just ordinary.’
      • ‘A new annual Army festival is being planned to replace the Garrison Country Day.’
      • ‘Linda and Steve hope the event will become a popular annual fundraising motorcycle festival.’
      • ‘She grew up flying kites in Bermuda, which has a large annual kiting festival.’
      • ‘It was the sixth annual Devizes beer festival and the number of people attending has grown each year.’
      • ‘Ignore the gripe fringe which gathers around this annual festival of achievement.’
      • ‘The town is staging its annual bugs festival and there is a real buzz of excitement in the community.’
      • ‘Cricklade will be buzzing with activity when its annual town festival kicks off next month.’
      • ‘Colorful costumes of all kinds can be seen at the annual Junkanoo festivals in Nassau and other locations.’
      • ‘Kyoto celebrates its cultural birthright with many annual festivals.’
      • ‘Grease, sweat and motor enthusiasts are no doubt panting at the thought of this annual motorbike festivals.’
    2. 1.2An organized series of concerts, plays, or movies, typically one held annually in the same place.
      ‘numbers that are still heard at traditional jazz festivals’
      • ‘The films were hand picked by organisers who travelled and networked with major international film festivals.’
      • ‘Of course, the presence of two major international jazz festivals also contributes to the country's jazzy well-being.’
      • ‘It's great for films, festivals, concerts, and of course the opportunity to study at the university.’
      • ‘This was the latest in a series of film festivals, displaying the work of African moviemakers.’
      • ‘They used to take me up to Auckland for Philharmonia concerts and film festivals.’
      • ‘Sponsorships are big, including film festivals, concert tours and music showcases.’
      • ‘His music for Indian art films won awards in international film festivals like Venice and Cannes in the 1950s.’
      • ‘The world situation has had deleterious effects on a couple of international film festivals this week.’
      • ‘Such was the impact that we decided to roll out a series of organic festivals across the country to promote eco-friendly living.’
      • ‘He's played a number of major jazz festivals and recently recorded his first album.’
      • ‘Some cineastes still curse Hoop Dreams for turning film festivals into video festivals.’
      • ‘What is required is a concerted effort to promote such films at foreign festivals.’
      • ‘It also organises major music festivals throughout the world such as the Fleadh and Leeds music festival.’
      • ‘Hilton Tokyo has been busier than usual with a series of colorful and exciting international cultural festivals.’
      • ‘It has now been seen at 15 international festivals, and had its British premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival.’
      • ‘Most of the films have been shown in film festivals across the globe and have been internationally acclaimed.’
      • ‘Mr. Kiran and Ms. Satyan finished the project in nearly two months and sent the film to three short film festivals abroad.’
      • ‘She popularised women's films through various festivals around the world and learned more about them and their way of work.’
      • ‘Also, he is trying to send the movie to several film festivals.’
      • ‘Until one makes time to watch two film festivals which ran almost back to back mid- and late October into this first week of November.’



/ˈfestəvəl/ /ˈfɛstəvəl/


Middle English (as an adjective): via Old French from medieval Latin festivalis, from Latin festivus, from festum, (plural) festa ‘feast’.