Definition of fictiveness in English:



See fictive

  • ‘It is precisely this play between fictiveness and fact so characteristic of feature film (in comparison to documentary film, docudrama, or cinema verite) which makes the genre intriguing to Davis.’
  • ‘Some cinquecento writers reflected on the fictiveness, pernicious sensuality, and compulsive force of the simulacrum, as it was identified in a long tradition stretching from late antiquity to the Reformation.’
  • ‘Woodcock analyses the fictiveness of fairy stories in Spenser's world, basing his approach on recent studies of the ontology of witches.’
  • ‘But in that final leap to completion - to matching the full complexity of nature - Smith posits a necessary fictiveness.’
  • ‘Of course, Chesnutt exposes the fictiveness of a degraded black essentialism in Dr. Miller's upward mobility.’