Definition of ficus in English:


nounplural noun ficus

  • A tree, shrub, or climbing plant of a large genus that includes the figs and the rubber plant. They grow in tropical and warm climates, and several species are of commercial importance.

    Genus Ficus, family Moraceae

    ‘The ficus we grow indoors are members of the fig family and capable of fruiting.’
    • ‘Consider reworking the roots and continuing to grow the ficus in pots.’
    • ‘The ficus would thrive during the warm months on the patio in filtered morning sun, but I suspect summer afternoon sun would be too intense.’
    • ‘ALL my trees including my three foot tall tropical ficus are in either Japanese brown mud pots or Chinese red clay.’
    • ‘The philodendrons, the ficus, and the Swedish ivy in their terra-cotta planters had wilted.’
    • ‘Once there's new growth, prune to shape the ficus.’
    • ‘I think it's safe for the ficus to be in your bedroom or any room in the house.’
    • ‘Tropical bonsai, such as serissa, ficus, or bougainvillea can not adapt to freezing temperature and must be protected against frost.’
    • ‘For true plant aficionados, grow a small tree, such as a ficus, on your deck.’
    • ‘Aloe vera, chrysanthemums, ferns, ficus, philodendron, pothos, and spider plants are considered particularly good air filters, drawing pollutants out of the air and replacing them with fresh oxygen.’
    • ‘For instance, in the International Airport area, trees such as neem, tamarind, casuarina and ficus, which absorb sound extremely well, are recommended.’
    • ‘Your father can't see us beyond those firs, where the canal slows to a standstill into a pool of grace: that would be the end of illusion, of pretense, the fire-retardant curtains opening to reveal the patio and its ficus.’
    • ‘Later Ivo found in a botanical encyclopedia that another name of the ficus was ‘the plant-killer’, because wild ficuses, growing around a tree, are able to take all of its soil energy and finally kill it.’
    • ‘‘The dried flowers were my fault; I couldn't help it,’ she says as the camera shows a ficus on her car's roof.’
    • ‘And I don't mean a ficus in a pot by someone's swimming pool.’
    • ‘Marnie crouches behind a potted ficus in the corner.’
    • ‘Later that night while I was watering the ficus, Mic finally phoned.’
    • ‘For the less adventurous, there is a selection of low-maintenance houseplants such as ficus and pothos.’
    • ‘At least now my ficus is looking very handsome in his glazed ceramic pot, and with a bit of rearranging all my books are on shelves, somehow.’
    • ‘Common houseplants like chrysanthemums and ferns add oxygen and filter out harmful particles, while aloe vera, philodendron, pothos, spider plants, and ficus reduce toxic chemicals like formaldehyde.’



/ˈfīkəs/ /ˈfaɪkəs/


Mid 19th century from Latin, ‘fig, fig tree’.