Definition of fiddler in English:



  • 1A person who plays the violin, especially one who plays folk music.

    • ‘I have a recording of a very attractive violin concerto with fiddler Louis Kaufman and Bernard Herrmann conducting.’
    • ‘All young whistlers, flautists, fiddlers and other musicians are invited to play a few tunes in what should be an informal and uncompetitive setting.’
    • ‘The next week they toured Europe with a Bartok third quartet that had virtuoso fiddlers agape with admiration.’
    • ‘There were nine members of the band in total; a stringed quartet, an Irish fiddler, a drummer, two keyboards (one being Will Gregory) and Alison.’
    • ‘The band, consisting of a drummer, a piper and a fiddler, was playing a Torrencian song she knew, and she couldn't resist trying to join in.’
    • ‘Czech players were once legendary for their instinctive musicianship, most notably the fiddlers.’
    • ‘Scottish-born and one of their finest fiddlers and composers, Johnny Cunningham, died from a heart attack at his home in Manhattan.’
    • ‘Set in a village, the tale describes how a destitute fiddler dies after entrusting his sick child and fiddle to the care of an old woman.’
    • ‘Anyone who has listened to Hungarian fiddlers at a village fair, or a Finnish male-voice choir in a darkened wine bar at midnight, or a lone singer in a Somerset kitchen, can feel as close to paradise as with any professional.’
    • ‘Pipers, fiddlers and dancing masters always made sure to stop off in Callinafercy and it was customary to hold a dancing school every winter with the Hanafins' barn selected as the perfect venue.’
    • ‘It was originally written for fiddlers and pipers.’
    • ‘It's as if - unlike Ives, where three different bands coming from their own starting points and going their own way might suddenly meet - more and more fiddlers, each contributing their own line, joined in a single dance.’
    • ‘That icon among fiddlers Jascha Heifetz is also revered but from a distance, as a staggering technician whose performances Frank finds exciting but not especially nourishing.’
    • ‘The glamorous Danish fiddler Nikolaj Znaider was the soloist in Brahms's Violin Concerto, a big concert opener, on the whole well played, though Znaider's slender tone occasionally sounded pushed to fill the space.’
    • ‘The next night, Blazin' Fiddles brings together five of the hottest contemporary Scottish fiddlers, accompanied by guitar and piano.’
    • ‘Arizona is a typical mountain girl who likes to grow flowers, sing, and square dance to the music of the fiddler on Saturday night.’
    • ‘The eclectic mixture ranges from the contemporary classical playing of Chinese/American fiddler and violist Michael Chang to the punchy and precise traditional tunes played by Irishman Colm Naughton on the mandolin.’
    • ‘Killavil's ageless flautist and fiddler Peter Horan was one of a number of top traditional Irish musicians who were introduced to the north Belfast dignitary in the Aras.’
    • ‘More important, the idea that even the music of the fiddlers harkened back to a pure, early (read Anglo-Saxon) style was itself a fabrication of the 1920s.’
    • ‘These days he tours with Carrie Rodriguez, an exceptional fiddler and singer in her own right.’
  • 2British A person who cheats or swindles, especially one indulging in petty theft.

    ‘A dole fiddler uses benefit fraud to finance her passion for buying shoes.’
    ‘What a fiddler Keith is - he thinks he won't be caught but Keith is gonna end up in court.’


Old English fithelere, from fithele (see fiddle).