Definition of fiddlestick in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfidlˌstik/ /ˈfɪdlˌstɪk/


  • Nonsense.

    ‘I suppose one could still say, ‘Oh fiddlesticks.’’
    • ‘Oberarzt, fiddlesticks, he was not a real Doktor at all, but perhaps had once been some lowly wardsman in a pre-war Krankhaus.’
    • ‘Watch out for those who wax pious about their imagined sacramental link with their constituencies - to which we should reply fiddlesticks.’
    • ‘Oh fiddlesticks, it has been over three weeks, we might never move on to the real swords at this rate.’
    • ‘That would make this revival number… oh, fiddlesticks, I've lost count.’


  • A violin bow.

    ‘Here's my fiddlestick; here's that shall make you dance.’
    • ‘The daughter and the bewildered father leave, but leave the fiddlestick behind.’