Definition of field cornet in English:

field cornet


historicalSouth African
  • 1A civilian official invested with the rank and responsibilities of a military officer and with judicial powers enabling him to act as a local administrator and magistrate.

    ‘They referred me to the Field Cornet, who denied the use of explosive bullets.’
    ‘Later that day Commandant de Beer and Field Cornet Grobbelaar came personally to the laager to urge Gen. Cronje to attempt his escape.’
  • 2A rank in the army equivalent to that of lieutenant.

    ‘The play has a number of characters with the rank of field-cornet, operating with British forces to quell the rebellion of 1815.’
    ‘I've assigned him the rank of Field Cornet, the Boer equivallent of a non-commissioned officer.’


Translating South African Dutch veld kornet, from veld ‘field’ + kornet, specifying a military rank.