Definition of fieldcraft in English:



  • The techniques involved in living, traveling, or making military or scientific observations in the field, especially while remaining undetected.

    ‘The main aims of the activity were to revise military skills, navigation, fieldcraft and living in the field, and to provide opportunities for junior leaders to further develop their leadership skills.’
    • ‘The Junior Soldiers have just returned from their two-week camp, where they practised their military skills and fieldcraft culminating in a final exercise with college staff playing the ‘enemy’.’
    • ‘The recruits have just returned from their two-week camp in Otterburn where they practised their military skills and fieldcraft.’
    • ‘Army cadets take part in a wide range of activities including military skills such as fieldcraft and shooting, together with training pursuits including rock climbing, watermanship and sports.’
    • ‘New standards of physical fitness led to greater energy in fieldcraft, in alertness for observation, and in strength to carry and use effectively the range of infantry weapons.’
    • ‘Based on training, initiative, and fieldcraft, they possessed the ability to knit together new tactical techniques integrating an air operation and special forces with an indigenous formation, the Northern Alliance.’
    • ‘No soldier can survive in the current battlespace without constant training in weapons and fieldcraft and a continuous immersion in the Army's Warrior Culture.’
    • ‘Their training emphasized marksmanship, fieldcraft, and individual resource, and they attracted some of the best officers in the army: two of the first ten commanding officers became marshals.’
    • ‘In addition to the skills necessary to fly their missions, Commando Helicopter Force members are trained in small-arms weapons as well as tactics and survival fieldcraft.’
    • ‘If you follow the basic rules of fieldcraft, you will go a long way towards defeating TI.’
    • ‘If you follow the basic rules of fieldcraft, you will go a long way towards defeating TI.’
    • ‘Cadets attend two parade nights a week - Tuesdays and Thursdays - where they learn military skills including drill and turnout, fieldcraft, camping, map reading and how to handle the cadet rifle.’
    • ‘Bottom line: combat training gets neglected in support units because they're too busy turning wrenches to practice fieldcraft.’
    • ‘While the skills are similar to their civilian counterparts, Army emergency responders must also maintain weapon handling and fieldcraft skills and combat fitness.’
    • ‘With it the sniper needed a truly extraordinary level of self-discipline, hundreds, if not thousands of hours of practice in the arts of shooting and of fieldcraft, and a high pain threshold.’
    • ‘Training, maintenance, pre-combat checks, pre-combat inspections, and fieldcraft are what enable good units to execute when the time comes on the battlefield.’
    • ‘Hackworth did this through reimposition of a strict but fair discipline, introduction of and training in proven and successful fieldcraft, and leadership from the front.’
    • ‘A collection of beliefs and prejudices, tricks of the trade, fieldcraft, and frontier field doctrine was wholly vocational and often quite ephemeral.’
    • ‘His weapon handling, fieldcraft and bearing are all of a good standard.’
    • ‘He cooked them using instructions from a book on fieldcraft which he borrowed from the library, and says nettle tea was a favourite.’



/ˈfēldkraft/ /ˈfildkræft/