Definition of fight fire with fire in English:

fight fire with fire


  • Use the weapons or tactics of one's enemy or opponent, even if one finds them distasteful.

    • ‘It is from there I adopted the tactic of fighting fire with fire - its the only thing these people understand.’
    • ‘And if the end result isn't exactly my idea of a civilized political discourse (I'll reserve judgement for now) it clearly is a powerful and successful example of fighting fire with fire.’
    • ‘‘She has developed a coping mechanism of fighting back, fighting fire with fire,’ Mr Mott said.’
    • ‘It's not a great choice, but it seems to me that the cost of losing is higher than of fighting fire with fire.’
    • ‘Do any of them truly understand that you can never really win fighting fire with fire?’
    • ‘If the game is going to go back to front again there'll be no way we'll be able to get hold of the ball in midfield so we might have to fight fire with fire.’
    • ‘We have to rise up to the same level as them and fight fire with fire.’
    • ‘So one way to get at them is to fight fire with fire - come up with images to counter those images.’
    • ‘We as a village couldn't afford to just let this happen and we wanted to fight fire with fire.’
    • ‘Maybe applying such a label is propaganda, but maybe we should fight fire with fire.’