Definition of figura in English:


Pronunciation /fiˈɡyərə/ /fɪˈɡjərə/


  • (in literary theory) a person or thing representing or symbolizing a fact or ideal.

    ‘They have described how the Renaissance blazon expresses the desire to fetishize and idolize the female body by fragmenting the subjective Other and reshaping her as a figura for the male poet's autonomy.’
    • ‘The woman's face, the narrator seems to argue, becomes a figura for the male will.’
    • ‘The name Vinci stands not only as a metaphor for the master's pictorial perfection but also as a figura of his self.’
    • ‘Figura puts the stress on the shaped artifact itself and the viewer's efforts to interpret it.’


Latin, literally ‘figure’ (representing an early use of figure to denote an emblem or type).