Definition of figure of speech in English:

figure of speech

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  • A word or phrase used in a non-literal sense for rhetorical or vivid effect.

    ‘If anything is missing from her far-reaching analyses it is a sense of how recurring figures of speech effect the desire and response of readers.’
    • ‘Images are often presented through figures of speech like simile and metaphor.’
    • ‘Poetry is language that makes abundant use of figures of speech and language that aims to be powerfully persuasive.’
    • ‘So I went on to talk about metaphors you know, and similes and figures of speech.’
    • ‘In a sense, all figures of speech confront the ordinarily undetectable fact that language has limits.’
    • ‘Other exceptions to compositionality are idioms, figures of speech (especially metaphor), and expressions which are subject to pragmatic interpretations.’
    • ‘While these are not the only figures of speech that could apply, they do cover many of the major types.’
    • ‘Terms like ‘history’, ‘knowledge’, ‘culture’ are so amorphous that we require metaphors, figures of speech, through which to talk about them.’
    • ‘English is a difficult enough language to learn without all the idioms and metaphors and other figures of speech.’
    • ‘Over the years Murray has gained a reputation for occasional wackiness or impropriety in his metaphors, figures of speech, rhymes, and puns.’
    • ‘How often does the writer use metaphors and other figures of speech?’
    • ‘In fact, metaphors and similes are probably the most often represented figures of speech in both groups.’
    • ‘In words, as in the creation of new figures of speech, African Americans demonstrated the importance of expressiveness, improvisation, and creativity in their lives.’
    • ‘These figures of speech seem to be self-contradictory when viewed at face value - Jumbo shrimp… bittersweet… honest politician.’
    • ‘These figures of speech are known as stereotypical brush-offs.’
    • ‘For the first few dozen pages, I figured that Pearl was just trying to give his prose a 19th-century tone by using awkward constructions, making up unexpected figures of speech, and substituting rare words for common ones.’
    • ‘His originality is reflected in felicitous figures of speech and colorful use of words.’
    • ‘The underlying metaphor ‘Argument is war’ produces such figures of speech as ‘Your claims are indefensible.’’
    • ‘Sometimes it forms part of a language designed to separate insiders from outsiders, in which aphorisms that were once (at least a little) humorous have simply become figures of speech.’
    • ‘More than figures of speech, I think, his metaphors suggest that Hammersley imagines shapes and colors as characters enmeshed in graphic dramas.’